As a bride, you invest hours in curating every detail of your wedding day – the venue, the dress, makeup, hairstyles, flowers, and decor – all to transform your dreams into reality. Amidst this planning frenzy, finding the right photographer is crucial. I’m here to assist you in understanding the diverse styles and skill levels in wedding photography, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Some examples between the editing styles you will come across:

Note that these are all diferent editing on the same photo, and every photographer will capture the moment in a diferent way that will also relate to their style.

Clean and Crisp

Dark and Moody

Light and Airy


Matt and Film Look

Bold and Punchy

Understanding the photography skill levels:

In the realm of photography, different skill levels naturally come with varying price tags. This discrepancy reflects the time, effort, expertise, and high-quality equipment invested by photographers at each level.


Beginners are enthusiasts who dabble in photography occasionally. They often use standard kit lenses and possess limited expertise in lighting and composition. Their portfolios may contain a mix of family photos, engagement sessions, and random snapshots. Editing skills are basic, with filters commonly applied for enhancement. Consistency might be lacking, reflecting their learning phase.


Professionals have chosen photography as a full-time pursuit. They understand fundamental camera techniques, invest in better equipment, and compose shots effectively. Professionals maintain websites and showcase diverse portfolios, exhibiting a consistent style. They often use downloaded presets for editing, aiming for a cohesive look in their work.


Experts are photography virtuosos, mastering the rules before creatively bending them. They live and breathe photography, effortlessly manipulating light and composition to craft masterpieces. Experts move beyond presets, creating unique editing styles from scratch. They have an innate understanding of color manipulation, giving each photo a precise, personalized look. Their work reflects a deep understanding of photography principles and an unparalleled creative flair. Their equipment has also been meticulously chosen with their goals in mind.


Choosing your wedding photographer is not just about budgets and styles; it’s about aligning your vision with the expertise of the person behind the lens. Each level offers a distinct perspective and approach to capturing your special moments. Above all, it’s paramount to meet with your photographer either in person or through a phone call before making the final decision. The chemistry between you and your photographer is crucial. Even the most skilled photographer can inadvertently affect your big day if your personalities clash, given that they’ll be your constant companion for 8 to 10 hours.Understanding these differences empowers you to make a choice that resonates with your wedding day dreams.